Meric Canatan is an artist, illustrator and designer. Canatan began her career in 2007, illustrating the fashion and art scene in Istanbul. Whilst she was studying fashion & textile design, established an accessories brand with her closest friend Fatos Erhuy. They founded an Birdy in 2009. From epaulets and bowties, to fascinators and headbands, they employed feathers as their chosen medium in which to question gender norms, referencing the way in which birds and other fowl use their plumage to display body language.

After finishing her degree, she moved to London in 2012, had a wide range of experience by working with amazing creatives in their field such as fashion, art, beauty, media and publishing.

Canatan has taken on the role as graphic artist /illustrator for a range of clients from sports to beauty brands, with projects spanning everything from campaigns to large scales. Notable clients include Condenast UK ,Net-A-Porter, Nike, Refinery UK, Bobbi Brown.

Photo: Olgac Bozalp
Condenast UK, Vogue, Glamour, Marie Claire, Allure, Elle, Die Welt, 
Vogue Turkiye ︎ Metal Magazine ︎ Trendland ︎ 
Coeval Magazine ︎ Kein Magazine ︎ Aposto ︎ 
Dash Magazine ︎ Financial Times ︎ Design Boom ︎